Back to Dragonflight

As you might have gathered from the gap between this post and the last one, I didn’t play a lot of wow the past few years. After I got tired of Battle for Azeroth, I played a little bit of Shadowlands when that came out. Leveled Morpheus to 60 but the end game grind was horrible with non enjoyable repeated quests at max level.

Also the shadowlands themselves weren’t very enjoyable. With the pandemic going on at the time, to also spent your time in a virtual bleak environment didn’t seem very inviting to me. So I hadn’t played until last november at Blizzcon the War Within expansion was announced. There was a special offer to come back and check out the game again, which I took!

I have been slowly leveling Morpheus to lvl 70, enjoying the quests in Dragonflight. Decent stories, and a nice environment. I’ll post more screenshots here as well as I move along.

And of course when The War Within finally hits this fall! I’ll try to level a few more alts before that happens.

The state of my game

Ever since that last post I have played quite a bit, but since I reached some goals, I have slowed down a bit. Still have plenty of goals, but not in a hurry in any way, and there are still plenty of other games to play ! It’ll probably be at least 4 months before Warlords hits.

RainHoof Boost

As you can see I boosted Rainhoof from 60 to 90. I preordered the upcoming expansion for both accounts. Turawk the shaman got boosted as well. He is now a jewelcrafter and a blacksmith. Haven’t used the blacksmith profession much, but he is handy to make the living belt buckle. The jewelcrafter is nice to make gems of course. Both characters have been playing on the timeless isle, and the monk seemed to be a bit stronger. He now has the two Hozen can openers for weapons you can buy with the timeless coins.

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Before The Shattering

Since I play on the european server, the Shattering will happen wednesday early. I took the opportunity the last few days during the Elemental attack to say Farewell to the old world that we have come to love and sometimes hate, the past six years. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since I made the journey from ThunderBluff to Crossroads in the dark with all these scary monsters around me. Since then I met a lot of friends, some stayed with me all the way to Dalaran. Others fell behind :(.

Thanks old world for all the good memories !

General Update

Judging by the activity on this blog, you’d think I hardly play wow these days, but that would not be correct ! I have been playing quite a bit. My DK Morphhoof is now lvl 80 and collecting pvp and some tanking gear. I need to get some rep here and these to get some more def stuff, but he’s well on the way. My warlock has been jumping into AV every now and then and has now reached L73.

My other L80s have been doing the argent tournament dailies in order to get some needed gold for the alts mentioned above and some gear upgrades and gems. I also got some heirloom items for future alts, I have a priest and a mage all ready to go now.


We have also been running TOC a few times, on normal mode. Some nice gear dropped and it’s a fun instance to do. Even though it has jousting ;).

All in all I am again very much enjoying WoW again. Looking forward to 3.3 that will bring the start of the end of Nortrend !

The week in pics

One picture says more than 1000 words ;). Here you can see what I have been up to. The instance runs with Morphea were a lot of fun. We completed the Key to Arcatraz questline, finished up some group quests in Netherstorm and overall had a lot of fun.

What you don’t see are Morpheus’ Arena matches, don’t have time to hit that Print Screen button. Actually I have plenty of time while being stunlocked or feared or when dead on the ground, but those shots wouldn’t be very good for my fumble ego :).

Pics from this weekend

We did quite a few instance runs this weekend, the Black Morass and Steamvaults were the toughest ones, but in the end we managed to finish them all :).

Especially the Black Morass is excellent. It’s a constant fight and you have to keep on your toes the whole time. But once you get into a sort of rhythm, it’s not too hard. Morphea was on addon duty with a little help from a mage (beano or pangloss). Excellent tankage was provided by Donahue and healing by Timps ;). Blizz should definately take this direction in WOTLK, I think this instance also won the best instance poll on the wow forum.

Some nice new loot included a new gun and a new head piece ! The gun looks awesome :).