Back in Wow

While playing Warhammer, I was wondering why I just didn’t play Wow. Everything (especially the combat) is a lot smoother and more fun. I’ll post my thoughts on WAR some time later, am still playing it every now and then. But I activated my wow account again. Am planning on leveling my warlock, and just pvp a bit with morph and morphea. Also finally leveled Morphea’s engineering to 350 so she can build the ROFLcopter soon ! Only need to mine some more fell iron. Oh and pick up the charges from AH. I got 2 already, but haven’t seen any on lately :(.

BrewFest Mount

And on sunday we did the Brewfest boss with a few guildies. The RAM mount dropped and guess who won the roll ? Thanks go to Naelna, Yola and Timp :). Oh and the pally who tanked (not a guildie) and who’s name I forgot.