Getting ready for Pandaria

Over the last few weeks I have set myself a few goals to reach, before Pandoria is out. And I have reached almost all of them ! My mage is now 85, albeit in somewhat crappy gear, so I hope to pick up better stuff soon as I start question with him towards 86. That was the main thing, now I am trying to get Morpheus´s fishing up to 525, am at 490 or so now, so that should be doable. His leather working is a few points short of 525, hope there will be a little overlap like they did in Cata. Only thing I didn´t manage to do is get Morphea´s engineering to 525.

First thing I´ll do once the expansion is out is run to the pet trainer. So if I come across anything nice, I can tame it and pick it up :). Morpheus will be the 1st to level, but knowing I probably won’t sprint to 90 on just one guy, I’ll log into the others as well. Hope the quests are varied enough to not get too repetitive.