WoW remix: Mists of Pandaria

This event started last week and its been a lot of fun! You can notice Blizzard put a lot of effort into it. It’s basically the Pandaria expansion but you’re leveling much faster than normal. Also you can customize your character using gems you get from quest rewards. And once the event is over in august, you can transfer the characters over to the regular retail server!

The quest rewards are boxes you open, and always contain stuff you can actually use, like the gems I mentioned, gear, stat buffs etc.

I rolled a Shaman and he’s level 25 at the moment. Maybe I can roll another char as well before august, I was thinking a monk or another hunter.Its been a while since I did the Pandaria quests, most of them are of the simple kill x of y variety, but its been quite fun with the shaman. Also I love the asian type environment.

World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria Now Live! (

The event began on May 16th, 2024, and its end date is August 19th, 2024. To create a Timerunning character, select the Mists of Pandaria: Remix button on the character selection screen1. Enjoy your nostalgic journey through Pandaria! 🐼

Back to Dragonflight

As you might have gathered from the gap between this post and the last one, I didn’t play a lot of wow the past few years. After I got tired of Battle for Azeroth, I played a little bit of Shadowlands when that came out. Leveled Morpheus to 60 but the end game grind was horrible with non enjoyable repeated quests at max level.

Also the shadowlands themselves weren’t very enjoyable. With the pandemic going on at the time, to also spent your time in a virtual bleak environment didn’t seem very inviting to me. So I hadn’t played until last november at Blizzcon the War Within expansion was announced. There was a special offer to come back and check out the game again, which I took!

I have been slowly leveling Morpheus to lvl 70, enjoying the quests in Dragonflight. Decent stories, and a nice environment. I’ll post more screenshots here as well as I move along.

And of course when The War Within finally hits this fall! I’ll try to level a few more alts before that happens.

Back to BFA

As you can imagine, not long after the post before this one, I faded away from WoW. Didn’t really like BFA and the leveling process felt very ‘been here, done that’. Think I basically burned out on WoW after legion. But BFA so far is still very lucklustre in my eyes. I am not sure the next expansion will be much better, seems like a gloomy environment. But we’ll see, at least the environment will be different.

The loa brought me back

Anyway, after all the hoopla and hype surrounding Wow classic, I succumbed as well to it, seeing people having a lot of fun (on twitch mainly). I reactivated my account and rolled a hunter. Well, everything I suspected was actually true. It’s very cumbersome, slow process to level a character in classic. Just as it was 15 years ago. But then it was new and a lot of fun. I can’t really go back and do that now. Since I was subbed anyway, I slowly started leveling Morpheus again and at 120 started doing dailies again. Think this was around september. The worldquests are decent, and somehow still provide some entertainment.

And with the anniversary events, I leveled almost every class to 120. Unfortunately, it’s very tough to start doing world quests and get better gear when your gear is below 200 and 2 expansions old :). So you have to craft some pieces and maybe buy some off AH. So far I have mainly done that for a shaman I enjoy playing, haven’t played that class much in the past.

I think I am now ready to do raiding in LFR again. One of these days I’ll hit that join button for one of them ;).

Enjoy some screenshots, I’ll be posting more here regularly again now !

Battle For Azeroth

And so it has begun ! Another expansion is out ! And to be honest, I am not really feeling it. Just hit lvl 113 about 2 weeks in now. I have been questing a little bit and it feels like more of the same. Which is of course always going to be the case in an MMO, but Legion felt somewhat fresh and exciting. This seems like Legion 2.0 with a few tweaks. And classes that have even less abilities than before.

But it’s not too bad, the questing (in small doses) is still fun. The environment looks wonderful, so there is that. Not exactly looking forward to end game with doing tons of world quests. I already did that for Legion and I am not going to do that again. I think I rather level up some alts or just play something else entirely, before falling into that (grinding) trap again.

Northern Hawk Owls

The new mount quest lines in 7.1.5 have a few of these ‘battle a somewhat rare pet in a far off area’ type pet battle quests that are somewhat annoying, but Hunting Lesson: Northern Hawk Owls takes the cake.

Northern Hawk Owls

Northern Hawl Owls quest area

There is only a small area that is available to travel for the player and only a few of these spawn. That might not sound too bad, but the percentage of them that is actually a battle pet is very low. So far I caught one, and I have been going up and down the path while killing the critters hoping they’d respawn as battle pets for over an hour now.

Makes you wonder whether they test these things at all ? Seems like an easy fix to make the percentage of battle pets spawning just a little higher. As it is, it doesn’t add anything except annoyance to the gameplay.

Since I posted this I caught one more. I just go through the area at the end of a session hoping there is one available.

Thoughts on Legion

From the lack of updates here one could conclude that I might have lost interest in WoW, but that is definitely not the case ! Ever since Legion came out I have been doing my daily World Quests with Morpheus the (balance) druid. Only just the last few weeks or so I have been switching to Zendrella, my warlock a little bit and skipped a day here and there. Mainly because I have completed the balance artifact power tree as you can see below.
 Complete artifact weapon
With a 865 rating, and 2 legendaies I kinda feel like I have won the game ;). Seriously though, you can quite far by just doing the world quests and the weekly ‘open world’ mods. The LFR loot is only about 835 level, so dont expect to get any decent gear through that avenue. Though a new raid ‘Nighthold’ opened up it’s first wing for LFR with high level rewards.
But enough about gear, how is the game ? The Broken Isles are quite fun ! The leveling is pretty good with each zone having an overall (independent) story arc. The mobs and quests are always your level or one below you, the Broken Isles scales !
Once at 110 a new game starts though. Originally you had to be friendly with all factions on the Isle to start, but to my surprise once Zendrella hit 110 she could start world quests and was giving the extremely handy ‘flight master’s whistle‘  to get started. 
With patch 7.1.5 the Artifact Knowledge Compendium was introduced as a catchup mechanic for alts ! 

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