Resto Druid Gear Guide

Just specced Morpheus to Resto as I already have a dps character in Morphea and sometimes the guild needs a healer. I mainly went boomkin for the pvp, but since that’s not a lot of fun anymore these days, I thought Resto Spec would be better. If we ever get a dual spec, I’ll get my Boomkin back !

There is an excellent gear guide for Resto druids at wow-insider !

Resto druid gear guide


Yola had crafted a Mechano-Hog yesterday ! It’s definately the most fun mount in game ;). And when I jumped into the seat, with my big tauren ass, I literally was laughing out loud for about 10 minutes ! You haveĀ  to actually see it drive around Dalaran for the full effect, but the image below somewhat captures the spirit.