Blizzard changes addon policies

There was quite some drama amongst WoW – Addon fans over the revised addon policies the past few days ! The most important one is that Blizz no longer wants people making money off their addons. Word has it, that carbonite’s Quest / Levelup addon was the main instigator for Blizzard to change this policy. I never tried it, but it had become adware, which Blizzard (and with all due respect that was expected to happen) didn’t want to allow.

New addon policy
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WoW Patch 3.1

As you all know by now, patch 3.1 will be a big one. Bringing a new Raid Instance, class changes and dual speccing !

Patch 3.1 will represent one of the most significant content patches to World of Warcraft to date. Major modifications to class specializations via the new dual spec feature will bring about significant game play changes for many classes, while the introduction of the Ulduar raid will open up a new and more difficult tier of raiding.

Wowinsider has a guide to documented and undocumented changes. Ofcourse it’s still early and a lot of things can still change: