Warhammer Online

The NDA was lifted yesterday and beta reviews are popping up all over the place. I have preordered the game, even though I am still not sure I am interested in playing yet another leveling up game. Also from what I have seen from the gameplay videos, combat appears to be a bit slow. And the graphics aren’t very impressive, though the last batch of videos look a lot better than what we have seen before.

But this guide makes me really want to play the game : Warhammer Casual Player Guide.

The game sounds like a lot of fun, and you can jump play for an hour, jump in do some pvp, a scenario a few quests or whatever and even gain some xp or just enjoy yourself :). So I am now really looking forward to the release of WAR.

Our Warcraft guild will try to start one as well on one of the european servers, so in case you’re looking for a casual guild with friendly players, check out the Sabre Unleashed’s website.