Morpheus at 80

After a mere 2 1/2 weeks after launch Morpheus, the balance druid, got 80 in Icecrown. That sure is a lot faster than 60-70 when BC came out. Think back then I burnt out in Mountain’s edge, only to return six months later to complete the quest for lvl 70.

Questing sure got a lot better in WOTLK as you have read from various other sources. Every now and then you get a quest that uses the new vehicle game mechanic and you get to control a giant or a flying machine. Or shoot arrows from a flying machine ;).

I am now a few days at 80 and I feel a little lost. I do a few dailies, might do an instance with the guild and that’s about it. Already quested so much the past weeks, that I don’t really feel like doing that. The pvp doesn’t seem to be going a lot, a few matches of Strand of the Ancients is fun, but not for a whole evening. I might try Arena again once the next season starts, but I am not really looking forward to this. Most pvp gear will require some sort of ranking though, which I find a bit silly, but I might try it. Last time it got a bit frustrating every time we got over 1500.

Morphea my hunter is almost 72, and the questing is still fun, but the surprise element is a little gone now. I haven’t done any quests in zul’drak, so I’ll make sure to hit that zone with her. I changed her spec from Master Marksman to Beastmaster, which made leveling a lot easier. As mm your pet can hardly hold aggro and you spend a lot of time meleeing. Which isn’t the best thing to do. The cat turned out to be the best pet for this. My scorp will be at rest for a while.