Hunter changes in WOTLK

Reading the latest info about WOTLK on wowinsider, it looks hunters and their pets will see quite a few changes. The talent trees will be different, as in that the Beastmaster now really will be a ‘beastmaster‘ who’s pet will have extra abilities etc.

And different pets will have different abilities based on their ‘pet familiy‘. Not sure how I feel about that, my hunter has two nice lvl 70 pets, and I certainly don’t feel much like leveling another one up. I hope Northend will have a few new nice pets, and that we will get an extra slot for one of the new pets, so I don’t have to abandon one !

WOTLK Pets on Petopia

Patch 2.4.3 is Live

Yesterday it was the USA’s turn, now Europe will get patch 2.4.3. The biggest change is ofcourse the mount, now at lvl 30. I have no more characters in that range so it won’t benefit me. Nor do I plan to ever start a new one again to be honest. Been through that several times now… But I guess it’s a small incentive to level up an extra character. Already the forum whines of people that want their lvl 40 mount money back (the cost has been reduced to 35g) :).

More info on WowInsider:

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