Upcoming Mount Changes

The 3.2 World of Warcraft patch will bring some pretty big changes to mounts !

From wowinsider :

The highlights are as follows:

  • Regular land mounts trainable at level 20 (was 30)
  • Epic land mounts trainable at level 40 (was 60)
  • Regular flying mounts trainable at level 60 (was 70)
  • Regular flying mounts speed increased to a 150% gain (was 60%)

The costs for all the training and mount purchases has been decreased outright, with the exception of the artisan riding skill (epic flying mounts). For all mount costs, faction discounts now apply.

As you can see, Blizzard is trying to make it even more easier to level up yet another alt ;).

Nice analysis on Player vs. Developer. Which is an excellent blog by the way. Just found out about it, by listening to Shut Up We’re Talking.