Back to BFA

As you can imagine, not long after the post before this one, I faded away from WoW. Didn’t really like BFA and the leveling process felt very ‘been here, done that’. Think I basically burned out on WoW after legion. But BFA so far is still very lucklustre in my eyes. I am not sure the next expansion will be much better, seems like a gloomy environment. But we’ll see, at least the environment will be different.

The loa brought me back

Anyway, after all the hoopla and hype surrounding Wow classic, I succumbed as well to it, seeing people having a lot of fun (on twitch mainly). I reactivated my account and rolled a hunter. Well, everything I suspected was actually true. It’s very cumbersome, slow process to level a character in classic. Just as it was 15 years ago. But then it was new and a lot of fun. I can’t really go back and do that now. Since I was subbed anyway, I slowly started leveling Morpheus again and at 120 started doing dailies again. Think this was around september. The worldquests are decent, and somehow still provide some entertainment.

And with the anniversary events, I leveled almost every class to 120. Unfortunately, it’s very tough to start doing world quests and get better gear when your gear is below 200 and 2 expansions old :). So you have to craft some pieces and maybe buy some off AH. So far I have mainly done that for a shaman I enjoy playing, haven’t played that class much in the past.

I think I am now ready to do raiding in LFR again. One of these days I’ll hit that join button for one of them ;).

Enjoy some screenshots, I’ll be posting more here regularly again now !

RAF coming to a close

As I mentioned earlier I have been multiboxing in order to level a few duos with the RAF triple XP boost. I got Ferdix and Morphixea to level 85 first. The priest warrior combo worked really well. I am totally planning on getting them to 90, maybe not dual boxing all the way, but definitely dualboxing on the Timeless Isle once at 90, that would be interesting.

The second duo I have levelled to 60. We reached 60 about 10 days ago, and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to doing Outlands yet again. Around that time the news about the 5.4.7 PTR patch came in. Apparently if you boost a lvl 60 or higher to 90 you get 600 on your two main professions ! So I left Rainhoof and Turawk on 60, hoping to boost them either through the WOTD preorder or the ingame shop. The Monk / Shaman duo worked pretty nice as well, though the monk tank didn’t have the dps (yet) that Morphixea (warrior) had. No shield slam I guess.

Looking over Silithus

Looking over Silithus

Silithius 2

Done with the Un’Goro Crater, our Taunty Taurens are making their way to Silithus.

The past weekend I levelled Zendrella finally to 90. She was pretty much my main character in Cataclysm, doing the fireland dailies etc., was a bit forgotten, but now she’s back with a vengeance ;). Furthermore I am levelling inscription with Ferdix, spending an hour picking flowers here and there.

Before The Shattering

Since I play on the european server, the Shattering will happen wednesday early. I took the opportunity the last few days during the Elemental attack to say Farewell to the old world that we have come to love and sometimes hate, the past six years. It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since I made the journey from ThunderBluff to Crossroads in the dark with all these scary monsters around me. Since then I met a lot of friends, some stayed with me all the way to Dalaran. Others fell behind :(.

Thanks old world for all the good memories !

The week in pics

One picture says more than 1000 words ;). Here you can see what I have been up to. The instance runs with Morphea were a lot of fun. We completed the Key to Arcatraz questline, finished up some group quests in Netherstorm and overall had a lot of fun.

What you don’t see are Morpheus’ Arena matches, don’t have time to hit that Print Screen button. Actually I have plenty of time while being stunlocked or feared or when dead on the ground, but those shots wouldn’t be very good for my fumble ego :).

Pics from this weekend

We did quite a few instance runs this weekend, the Black Morass and Steamvaults were the toughest ones, but in the end we managed to finish them all :).

Especially the Black Morass is excellent. It’s a constant fight and you have to keep on your toes the whole time. But once you get into a sort of rhythm, it’s not too hard. Morphea was on addon duty with a little help from a mage (beano or pangloss). Excellent tankage was provided by Donahue and healing by Timps ;). Blizz should definately take this direction in WOTLK, I think this instance also won the best instance poll on the wow forum.

Some nice new loot included a new gun and a new head piece ! The gun looks awesome :).