Mysts patch 5.3

Yes I am still playing ! Ever since Mists I haven’t been blogging much about Wow, but I am certainly planning to pick things up again.

I am very much looking forward to patch 5.3 that is currently being deployed in the US and will be hitting the European servers tomorrow. Altough I still got things to do, like completing the entire 5.1 story line, (I am not Exalted with the Dominion Offensive guys just yet) or the Black Prince epic questline (it just so happens I am on the Valour part where you need the now reduced 3000 valour), more things to do is always nice. The LFR raids are getting a bit long in the tooth if you have completed them several times, with the exception of Terrace of Endless Spings that I really enjoy for some reason.

Pvp will be changed and will probably be more fun for us, less geared people and we’re getting open world evens in the Barrens. It’ll be great to be back there once again. Maybe Barrens chat will return ;).

Barrens Preview:

5.3 Escalation Round Up