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As you can imagine, not long after the post before this one, I faded away from WoW. Didn’t really like BFA and the leveling process felt very ‘been here, done that’. Think I basically burned out on WoW after legion. But BFA so far is still very lucklustre in my eyes. I am not sure the next expansion will be much better, seems like a gloomy environment. But we’ll see, at least the environment will be different.

The loa brought me back

Anyway, after all the hoopla and hype surrounding Wow classic, I succumbed as well to it, seeing people having a lot of fun (on twitch mainly). I reactivated my account and rolled a hunter. Well, everything I suspected was actually true. It’s very cumbersome, slow process to level a character in classic. Just as it was 15 years ago. But then it was new and a lot of fun. I can’t really go back and do that now. Since I was subbed anyway, I slowly started leveling Morpheus again and at 120 started doing dailies again. Think this was around september. The worldquests are decent, and somehow still provide some entertainment.

And with the anniversary events, I leveled almost every class to 120. Unfortunately, it’s very tough to start doing world quests and get better gear when your gear is below 200 and 2 expansions old :). So you have to craft some pieces and maybe buy some off AH. So far I have mainly done that for a shaman I enjoy playing, haven’t played that class much in the past.

I think I am now ready to do raiding in LFR again. One of these days I’ll hit that join button for one of them ;).

Enjoy some screenshots, I’ll be posting more here regularly again now !

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