Back to Dragonflight

As you might have gathered from the gap between this post and the last one, I didn’t play a lot of wow the past few years. After I got tired of Battle for Azeroth, I played a little bit of Shadowlands when that came out. Leveled Morpheus to 60 but the end game grind was horrible with non enjoyable repeated quests at max level.

Also the shadowlands themselves weren’t very enjoyable. With the pandemic going on at the time, to also spent your time in a virtual bleak environment didn’t seem very inviting to me. So I hadn’t played until last november at Blizzcon the War Within expansion was announced. There was a special offer to come back and check out the game again, which I took!

I have been slowly leveling Morpheus to lvl 70, enjoying the quests in Dragonflight. Decent stories, and a nice environment. I’ll post more screenshots here as well as I move along.

And of course when The War Within finally hits this fall! I’ll try to level a few more alts before that happens.