Back in Wow

While playing Warhammer, I was wondering why I just didn’t play Wow. Everything (especially the combat) is a lot smoother and more fun. I’ll post my thoughts on WAR some time later, am still playing it every now and then. But I activated my wow account again. Am planning on leveling my warlock, and just pvp a bit with morph and morphea. Also finally leveled Morphea’s engineering to 350 so she can build the ROFLcopter soon ! Only need to mine some more fell iron. Oh and pick up the charges from AH. I got 2 already, but haven’t seen any on lately :(.

BrewFest Mount

And on sunday we did the Brewfest boss with a few guildies. The RAM mount dropped and guess who won the roll ? Thanks go to Naelna, Yola and Timp :). Oh and the pally who tanked (not a guildie) and who’s name I forgot.

One thought on “Back in Wow

  1. Woo! Congrats!! That’s awesome… I haven’t seen the mounts drop on any of my brewfest runs, but some folks in my guild have managed to pick them up. On one run, Coren apparently dropped both the kodo and the ram at the same time! 😮

    Glad to hear you’re back in WoW and having some fun. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Warhammer, too.

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