Patch 3.0.2

The big one is up on us ;). The US is getting it on tuesday and we in Europe will be getting it the day after. All talents will be reset. I have been toying around with the talent calculator, but I am not sure yet what to do. Do I go all the way in one tree and fill up the rest 70-80 or do I leave some room ? I almost never respec, so it won’t cost too much to try a few things out.

Morphea will still be a Master Marksman, and ofcourse Morpheus will always be an Owl ;). But I going to side spec into retro this time. From what I read druids have some mana issue atm, hope that will be fixed, though I am kinda used to that having always played balance with Morph…

Some links:

All Patch Info on wowinsider :

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