Hunter DPS

There is a very nice article on wow-insider on Hunter DPS.

A lot of people will tell you that a Hunter is an overly easy class: sic your pet, turn on Auto Shot, and you’re done. While having a built-in tank that you can even heal a bit gives you a pretty strong advantage when going it alone, I’d have to say they oversimplify things a bit.

I have to agree with this. Especially instance runs were a challenge at 1st with managing your pet, keep threat low and setting traps. I’ve gotten a bit better at it now, but it takes some practise ;).

Morphea 70

After a successful Manatombs run friday night, I only had a few 10k of xp to go, so I decided to head to Netherstorm and do a few quests to get to 70 ! And while killing one of those weird creatures outside area 52, I dinged to 70 ;). Ofcourse I received a lot of GRATZ !!!! from the guild.

Morphea levels to 70

Got some pretty nice gear from the instance runs and some blue quest rewards. I got the pvp S1 leggings and will get the gloves as well when I have 20 AV marks. My current spec is 18/43/0, which works very nicely along with Spikee, the revenger. When i get a crit, the Go-for-the-throat talent gives him rage, which he then uses for his Gore ability which can do quite a bit of dmg. Only thing I am not too thrilled about is the improves concussion shot, but it’s ok, it can help out every now and then. Morphea will mainly be doing PVE, we’ve been having a lot of fun doing instance runs lately, so I hope to upgrade my gear a bit by doing the 5 man instances and maybe when we have all geared up a bit, Heroics.

Morphea in manatombs

So after almost three years, Morphea my hunter ‘alt’ reached max level ;). I mainly started playing her late last year. It went by pretty fast even the outland parts 60-70. The instance runs helped a lot. Got most of Netherstorm, all of Blade Edge Mountains and Shadowmoon left to do for gold.

Pics from this weekend

We did quite a few instance runs this weekend, the Black Morass and Steamvaults were the toughest ones, but in the end we managed to finish them all :).

Especially the Black Morass is excellent. It’s a constant fight and you have to keep on your toes the whole time. But once you get into a sort of rhythm, it’s not too hard. Morphea was on addon duty with a little help from a mage (beano or pangloss). Excellent tankage was provided by Donahue and healing by Timps ;). Blizz should definately take this direction in WOTLK, I think this instance also won the best instance poll on the wow forum.

Some nice new loot included a new gun and a new head piece ! The gun looks awesome :).

Isle of Quel’Danas

As you can see in the picture below there was quite a bit of interest for the new dailies ;). The new ones are very easy and pay well. Especially now that the novelty has worn off a little, and you don’t have to fight 6 other people for the same mob. The two new ones in Hellfire are also very good. Quick to do and you get a sunwell surprise packet, that can contain a badge of justice, and always a green item that I usually end up selling to a vendor.


There is an excellent overview at cursegaming of all the dailies. Not all are available yet as Aggramar is currently in Phase 2.


We also tried the new instance the Magister’s Terrace and unfortunetely got beat by the second boss. I am sure we’ll get our revenge when we get back in somewhat better PVE gear. It’s a beautiful instance and definately different from other ones. A lot of casters though, that are hard on the tank. Only thing I didn’t like were the tight corridors, where you sometimes end up pulling, as it’s hard to see when you play a Tauren and it make the fighting somewhat confusing.

All in all patch 2.4 is very nice I think. Patching was very smoothly, I turned off most of my addons (except Bongos2) at patch day, and updated everything thursday and friday night and dropped a lot that I didn’t use much anyway. Oh and I can now press my mount when I am in Moonkin and I morph into caster form and hop on. Very convenient ;).

Update : Excellent overview of the new dailies + the Phases 1-3 explained at the Wowhead Forum

The week in review

Ok it’s been a bit longer than a week, but the title sounded cool ;). Morphea has finally left Terrokar Forrest behind her. We did the group quests with the guild, which was a lot of fun, but the environment was getting on my nerves by now, so I left a few quests undone and finally moved to Nagrand. I’m so glad I got an epic mount, because it’s rather big and there is quite a bit of running around between the various quest hubs and mobs.

The first quest chains I did were ofcourse the hunting quests for the Nesingwary Epidition. Kill 60 goats, owls and clefthoofs. And then the elites. A friendly guild druid helped out with those. The big elephant like creature at the end of the chains ‘Tusker’ was pretty tough, but we made it and I got me a new gun to replace the epic pvp bow. I also collected the beads killing ogres and some quests for the Consortium.

Wow - Morphea in Nagrand

Also ran various instances with the guild the past week, with the help of one or two non-guildies here and there. Slave Penns was easy, we were a bit higher lvl than the instance is rated, and cleaned it out without problems. Sethekk Halls was more troublesome. I think we bit off a bit more than we could chew, and wiped quite a few times, especially at the End Boss, some of us even had to go back to the caravan camp and repair. But it was so cool when we finally did it. The quest reward for the instance is a very nice polearm with lots of agility and stamina on it that actually looks great.

Mana Tombs seemed to be better suited. Only had a little mishap, we even beat the Prince without any troubles. But out of all these, the most fun was Old Hillsbrad in the Caverns of Time. It was pretty tough, but we made it, only wiping twice. The mobs have fear, and some of the groups are pretty close together so you can figure out what happened those two times ;). Also cruised around old Southshore and Hillsbrad for a little while after we were done. It’s very nicely done. So nice to see Hillsbrad in it’s original state ! All in all Morphea is now lvl 68 1/2 or so, and still plenty to do in Nagrand.

wow - morphea in Old Hillsbrad

Almost exclusively played Morphea, with Morpheus doing the daily pvp almost every day, and one Arena Night. We did well this week going 7-3, now with a priest / mage / boomkin combo, instead of hunter / mage / boomkin. Ruryk has dusted off his retired priest and at least the fights do last a lot longer now ;).

Patch 2.4 is around the corner, I think it’s already been downloaded in the background, looking forward to the new dailies !

Leveling Mining

The new leveling system of 2.3 is all fine and dandy, but the leveling of certain skills has not been adjusted to the new leveling speed. For example my polearm skill is still at 256, my 2h sword at something similar, and mining got stuck at 215 when I entered outland. As there is no Mythrill or Thorium in Outlands, I had to go back to the Old World to leveling these skills.

This mining guide at helped a lot. I figured sunday morning would be a good time frame to do this without too much competition, so I made a few rounds around Tanaris and ventured into Un’Goro a bit as well. This left me with a truckload of Mythrill and Solid stone which will be nice to level my engineering. Mining is now at 241, engineering at 250, I’ll have my enchanter / tailor alt make me a mining glove with +5 mining so I can do Thorium on my next round !

Luckily since last night I have an epic mount, which made the process a lot of faster than when I first tried this a week or so ago.


Arena Night

Usually we have an Arena Night once a week. My balance druid Morpheus plays with a hunter and a mage. I started out with the hunter Ruryk as a duo at the start of Season 3. He was still in quest blue and greens and I had a few S1 pieces and some blues. And it was quite an experience ! Totally different from the pvp we were used to and needless to say we went 1-9 in the first week and seriously doubted we should continue. Luckily we found a friendly mage who wanted to join us (and our guild) and started 3×3 saving the 2×2 for practise.

We formed a 5×5 team last week, when a hunter and a warrior joined our guild. Unfortunately that left us with no healer, which is a disaster in 5×5. Ruryk’s priest alt in Kara gear then joined us, which made it a little more bearable, but we still went 2-8. This week however there wasn’t a moment all 5 were online, so we did two nights of 3×3 with mixed results. We had a very nice winning streak and finally got above 1400 rating, then lost a bunch in a row and we’re back to 1376.

At this rate we gather about 280 pts a week, and the nice gear is about 1800 pts. Some stuff is cheaper, like the gloves (and the hunter’s axe ;)), but still it takes about 6 – 8 weeks for a not so great arena team to get an Arena epic. Not that I am complaining though, but the term wellfare epic is, in my opinion a bit misplaced ;).


The Mag’har

Yesterday Nazgrel send Morphea on a quest to look for an assassin. Unfortunetely for the assassin, I found his corps in mountain, west of Thrallmar. After delivering the axe that killed him to Nazgrel, he send me to a Far Seer in Thrallmar. She gave a spirit wolf to aid the reconnaisance mission near the assassin’s body. And then a spirit wolf appeared and led me to a hidden village of the people of Mag’har. They’re brown colored orcs, family of Thrall.

Meeting Thrall

Their leader then asked me to deliver a letter to Nazgrel, who send me to Thrall himself ! Always exciting to visit him, he seemed quite upset / surprised about the message the Mag’har were still alive ! He then send me back to them, to aid his people.

You can find more on the mag’har at