Leveling Mining

The new leveling system of 2.3 is all fine and dandy, but the leveling of certain skills has not been adjusted to the new leveling speed. For example my polearm skill is still at 256, my 2h sword at something similar, and mining got stuck at 215 when I entered outland. As there is no Mythrill or Thorium in Outlands, I had to go back to the Old World to leveling these skills.

This mining guide at noobschool.com helped a lot. I figured sunday morning would be a good time frame to do this without too much competition, so I made a few rounds around Tanaris and ventured into Un’Goro a bit as well. This left me with a truckload of Mythrill and Solid stone which will be nice to level my engineering. Mining is now at 241, engineering at 250, I’ll have my enchanter / tailor alt make me a mining glove with +5 mining so I can do Thorium on my next round !

Luckily since last night I have an epic mount, which made the process a lot of faster than when I first tried this a week or so ago.