Caverns of Time Revisited

It had been quite a while since some of us did a guild run in an instance. Some people are exploring other games. Some only log on a bit to do some dailies (like me), and it’s almost summer now, so people tend to spend more time away from the computer. But this sunday we had enough online to go into the Caverns of Time again. A bit of an odd group, with two druids (a tree and a feral one), pally, hunter and a rogue. It’s always so much fun to fight next to Thrall in Escape from Durnhold. It was a very clean run. Only Spikee my pet bit the dust once, when he tried to tank three mobs ;).
Black Morass 2
Afterwards we went into the Black Morass and managed to help Medivh open the portal. There was only one death, but battlerez came to the rescue. Just like the last time I was in there, Morphea and Spikee were supposed to take care of the adds that spawn from each portal. We did a decent job, though every now and then some mob managed to slip through, but nothing that couldn`t be fix afterwards. I was lucky to get a new chest piece, with three sockets off Temporus, one of the boss dragons.
Black Morass 3
After all the portal stuff, the final boss fight with the huge dragon almost seemed too easy ;). It was nice to do some group stuff again, especially in the best instance Blizzard has created so far. If only they released something like this more regularly :(.

Ring of Blood

Yesterday two guildmembers level 68 wanted to do this quest. As it turned out, it’s more of an event. Never done it before, weird enough, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Our group makeup with shaman, pally, mage, rogue and mage was a bit odd, but we made it work with some help from a few folks who were also doing this event.

Basically you have to defeat five bosses in a row, especially the last one hits hard and once you think you’re done, he revives himself ;). And the rewards are great. As a non-70 you get a lot of xp and pots and bandages, plus a nice weapon at the end. As I did this with my 70 hunter, I got over 22g per quest, so the epic flyer got just a little bit closer.

More info can be found on the wowwiki and wowhead:

Chain starts with Brokentoe.

Wrath of the Lich King Trailer

Wrath of the Lich King 10 Minutes Trailer from Boubouille on Vimeo.

Not all that impressive to be honest. A lot of reused textures and models. Also I think the graphical engine is starting to look it’s age. It’s 4 – 5 years old by now and it’s showing.

Why is it taking two years to release this expansion ? It’s way too long as the current content is getting long in the tooth. The 2.4 patch was nice for a month or so, but does Blizz expect people to be running dailies till late this year ? Ofcourse an instance run with the guild every now and then is fun, but that’s about it at the moment…

Season 4 Changes

Unfortunately there will be some changes to the Season 4 Epic rewards as you can read here on wow-insider.

The new Season 4 items will have the below personal and team arena rating requirements:

Shoulders: 2200
Weapon: 2050
Head: 1700
Chest: 1600
Legs: 1550
Gloves: none
Off-hand: none

This is bad news for everybody who doesn’t play with a cookie cutter setup, or who just isn’t very good as pvp. Teams below 1550 rating (the majority I would think) won’t get any rewards. This will probably change the Arena landscape, as I assume a lot of people will just not bother anymore with Arena. And this will leave the hardcore pvpers battling it out amongst themselves, and they might be struggling to get a decent rating.

Has Blizzard thought this through ? You would think so. I really wonder what the mindset it of the people that come up with this stuff…

Nice discussion on Tobold’s blog

Keep your esport out of battlegrounds

Dailies Dailies and more Dailies

Mainly did dailies dailies and more dailies this week. Think I went a bit overboard as I didn’t feel like doing them at all the past few days. So today we just did the Auch. Crypts instance. The bosses gave me two more spirit shards. I had 15 in my bag, so I finally figured out where to exchange them. You can use those spirit shards at Gartok in Terrokar Forest. You only need 8 to obtain Swift Windfire Diamond, a Metagem to be used in your headgear socket. I am currently using it in Earthwarden’s coif and it’s a nice gear upgrade.

Morphea and Jerry

And with pain in my heart I had to let Jerry the wolf, my trustworthy companion from around lvl 28 – 60 go. I don’t see myself leveling a pet from 60 – 70, and I needed to open up a slot to learn the highest ranks of Bite and Gore. Got a very nice new dinosaur named Sparkles though. He holds aggro very well, and he was already tamed at lvl 69. I took him with me on all the dailies and he’s just turned 70 during the last instance run. I found him in the top north sphere in Netherstorm. If you have a pet spot open, I’d like to suggest you try one of them out. They look fun (wiggly tail and all) and do nice dmg as well.

And that makes my pet collection complete, got a cat, a ravager and the above mentioned dino now. I sure hope that once WOTLK arrived we get 2 more spots so we can train the new animals in Northrend. Otherwise I am going to have to let go of one of them and that won’t be fun.

The week in pics

One picture says more than 1000 words ;). Here you can see what I have been up to. The instance runs with Morphea were a lot of fun. We completed the Key to Arcatraz questline, finished up some group quests in Netherstorm and overall had a lot of fun.

What you don’t see are Morpheus’ Arena matches, don’t have time to hit that Print Screen button. Actually I have plenty of time while being stunlocked or feared or when dead on the ground, but those shots wouldn’t be very good for my fumble ego :).

Hunter DPS

There is a very nice article on wow-insider on Hunter DPS.

A lot of people will tell you that a Hunter is an overly easy class: sic your pet, turn on Auto Shot, and you’re done. While having a built-in tank that you can even heal a bit gives you a pretty strong advantage when going it alone, I’d have to say they oversimplify things a bit.

I have to agree with this. Especially instance runs were a challenge at 1st with managing your pet, keep threat low and setting traps. I’ve gotten a bit better at it now, but it takes some practise ;).