Season 4

Season 4 kicked off today here in Europe. The hall of legends was packed with customers, anxious to spend their hard earned honour ! As I haven’t played much lately, I didn’t buy a whole lot, because I didn’t have my honour maxed out. But I got new shoulders for Morphea with the pvp gems and the Aldor +attack power enchant (the cheap one, I am only honoured with them). Would have also liked to get a new belt, but i was 1000hnr short…

One big complaint on the new shoulders: They make me look like a Xmas Tree :(. They are way too big on a female orc, and they have some sort of weird lightning effect that gets a bit annoying after a while.

Morph already has quite a few Season 3 items, and no Arena points saved. I stopped playing Arena quite some time ago. After liking it for some time, I got frustrated loosing all the time, as it seems we got to play against better and better geared people, and basically I pretty much suck at Arena as well. Anyway, only got the new Merciless Staff for Morph, which is only a few points better than the previous one.