Caverns of Time Revisited

It had been quite a while since some of us did a guild run in an instance. Some people are exploring other games. Some only log on a bit to do some dailies (like me), and it’s almost summer now, so people tend to spend more time away from the computer. But this sunday we had enough online to go into the Caverns of Time again. A bit of an odd group, with two druids (a tree and a feral one), pally, hunter and a rogue. It’s always so much fun to fight next to Thrall in Escape from Durnhold. It was a very clean run. Only Spikee my pet bit the dust once, when he tried to tank three mobs ;).
Black Morass 2
Afterwards we went into the Black Morass and managed to help Medivh open the portal. There was only one death, but battlerez came to the rescue. Just like the last time I was in there, Morphea and Spikee were supposed to take care of the adds that spawn from each portal. We did a decent job, though every now and then some mob managed to slip through, but nothing that couldn`t be fix afterwards. I was lucky to get a new chest piece, with three sockets off Temporus, one of the boss dragons.
Black Morass 3
After all the portal stuff, the final boss fight with the huge dragon almost seemed too easy ;). It was nice to do some group stuff again, especially in the best instance Blizzard has created so far. If only they released something like this more regularly :(.