Giddy Goblins

About October last year, Blizzard updated their Recruit a Friend program. It now gives triple XP all the way up to level 85. Since I really liked the Emerald Hippogryph mount, I figured I’d give it a go. Also had a few alts I never bothered to level up, so I started researching dual boxing in Wow. It is a very common thing in Eve. But there, the game play is somewhat slower (especially for PVE), so you really don’t need any fancy software to make it work.

In wow you could just let the other guy /follow you, but it would be nice if (s)he’d make a contribution as well. I figured it’s be fun to play a priest / warrior combo. Morphixea already was on my roster as a lvl 6, Ferdix was created on the new account. And I am using Hotkeynet to send keys to the other client. The program doesn’t seem to be updated any more. But it still works fine. You have to read up a little and edit a script, but that’s about it. I am not doing any fancy stuff. You can do mouse region clicks, picture in picture etc., but I am just using it to send keys.

Basically what I do, is use SHIFT + number keys for healing, CTRL + number keys for attacking Morphixea’s target, and ALT + number keys for some miscellaneous stuff. And ‘`’ for mounting, which is quite fun to see, they both jump on their mount and ride off :).

As we speak they are level 73, ready to go into Grizzly Hills. It’s been a ton of fun, really changes the way you play the game. And very fast progression, as you can do old group quests with ease that give a ton of XP. Even saw some in Silvermoon that I had never done before.

You can see some screenshots of the Dynamic Duo in the gallery. I have grown quite fond of them, haha.

There is more info on multiboxing at

My simple hotkeynet script is over here.


And finally it happened on Wednesday night. LFR for Downfall had finally opened up. The first two bosses went down pretty smooth. The trash mobs to get up to Garrosh posed more of a problem. Several wipes later we arrived at his lair, where him and Thrall were having an argument. Luckily I had quite a nice LFR group. Ppl were willing to learn the encounter, though of course some left. But about an hour and about 7 wipes later we downed him !

Before Mysts I hardly ever raided, so if you would have said this about a year ago that I would see the final boss fight of this patch I wouldn’t have believed you. I know it’s only LFR but it’s nice that just about everybody can enjoy the content.

I made a video as you can see below ! Enjoy :).

ps. All hail to Vol’jin !

Mysts patch 5.3

Yes I am still playing ! Ever since Mists I haven’t been blogging much about Wow, but I am certainly planning to pick things up again.

I am very much looking forward to patch 5.3 that is currently being deployed in the US and will be hitting the European servers tomorrow. Altough I still got things to do, like completing the entire 5.1 story line, (I am not Exalted with the Dominion Offensive guys just yet) or the Black Prince epic questline (it just so happens I am on the Valour part where you need the now reduced 3000 valour), more things to do is always nice. The LFR raids are getting a bit long in the tooth if you have completed them several times, with the exception of Terrace of Endless Spings that I really enjoy for some reason.

Pvp will be changed and will probably be more fun for us, less geared people and we’re getting open world evens in the Barrens. It’ll be great to be back there once again. Maybe Barrens chat will return ;).

Barrens Preview:

5.3 Escalation Round Up

Getting ready for Pandaria

Over the last few weeks I have set myself a few goals to reach, before Pandoria is out. And I have reached almost all of them ! My mage is now 85, albeit in somewhat crappy gear, so I hope to pick up better stuff soon as I start question with him towards 86. That was the main thing, now I am trying to get Morpheus´s fishing up to 525, am at 490 or so now, so that should be doable. His leather working is a few points short of 525, hope there will be a little overlap like they did in Cata. Only thing I didn´t manage to do is get Morphea´s engineering to 525.

First thing I´ll do once the expansion is out is run to the pet trainer. So if I come across anything nice, I can tame it and pick it up :). Morpheus will be the 1st to level, but knowing I probably won’t sprint to 90 on just one guy, I’ll log into the others as well. Hope the quests are varied enough to not get too repetitive.

Mists of Pandaria – Pet Battles

The last few days I have played around with the new pet battles system that is now in place on the Beta server. It’s much more fun than I expected to be honest. It is turn based, but you can use multiple pets for one battle. I made a small video of the first two pet battle quests, as you can see below.

Mist clears up

Thanks to the press event Blizzard did last week, we got an overload on news on Mists of Pandara ! I already liked the idea of Pandas (unlike a lot of other people), but it seems to get better and better. There will be seven new zones to quest in. Pet battles, farming, and one of the things that might be the most fun: scenarios.

Since I am in a small guild, we usually don’t have the classic tank, healer and dps setup online to do guild instance runs and the like. But in scenarios, you don’t really need that setup. Also you can queue for them from what I heard so far, so if there isn’t anyone on you can still do those and be rewarded with valour points etc.

Head on over to wowinsider or wowheadnews and check out all the news !

Hunter changes

Quite a few hunter changes for the better lately made me want to play morphea again ! All my pets are now the same level as I am and when I would tame a new one, he would be the same level as well ! No more annoying pet leveling. Also feeding now just heals the pet, which is nice. The happiness thing was marginalised anyway, so why not get rid of it all together.

My pet cat got a new skin once again. Boris started off as a white sabre tooth from Winterspring, back in Vanilla. Then he gained some black stripes, I think in TBC or in Wrath. Now he’s got a bluesish skin and mane, and more fearsome teeth !

Morphea and Boris

Morphea and Boris

Deepholme Dailies

Yes, I am still playing. And according to Raptr, it’s still my most played game. I am basically popping in with one of my characters for an hour or so. Do some dailies, one or two pvp matches or a quest chain of some sort.

The Deepholme Dailies are nice enough to do every now and then. There is a nice overview over here ! Not a big fan of the Tol Barad ones. Usually a bit too crowded and a bit too annoying !