And finally it happened on Wednesday night. LFR for Downfall had finally opened up. The first two bosses went down pretty smooth. The trash mobs to get up to Garrosh posed more of a problem. Several wipes later we arrived at his lair, where him and Thrall were having an argument. Luckily I had quite a nice LFR group. Ppl were willing to learn the encounter, though of course some left. But about an hour and about 7 wipes later we downed him !

Before Mysts I hardly ever raided, so if you would have said this about a year ago that I would see the final boss fight of this patch I wouldn’t have believed you. I know it’s only LFR but it’s nice that just about everybody can enjoy the content.

I made a video as you can see below ! Enjoy :).

ps. All hail to Vol’jin !