Pet Battles ctd

The pet battles have been a lot of fun lately. It turns out to be an excellent way to cure the dullness of the intermission between 5.4 and 6.0 (warlords). I now have a group of 25s and am leveling / catching more. Also keep on making the Pet Battles let’s play series on Youtube. Episode 13 is quite fun as I am totally surprised to find a rare quality Scourged Whelpling. It’s an undead pet, which isn’t too common to find, especially not ‘as a blue’ !

Pet Battle Addons

Over the past week, I tried a bunch of pet battles addons. These are the ones I keep using. Basically they provide all the info you would ever need, and make the UI a bit better / more informative.

Pet Tracker –
Pet Battle Master –
Petjournal Enhanced –

You can see them in action in Episode 7 of Pet Battles over on Youtube !

The state of my game

Ever since that last post I have played quite a bit, but since I reached some goals, I have slowed down a bit. Still have plenty of goals, but not in a hurry in any way, and there are still plenty of other games to play ! It’ll probably be at least 4 months before Warlords hits.

RainHoof BoostAs you can see I boosted Rainhoof from 60 to 90. I preordered the upcoming expansion for both accounts. Turawk the shaman got boosted as well. He is now a jewelcrafter and a blacksmith. Haven’t used the blacksmith profession much, but he is handy to make the living belt buckle. The jewelcrafter is nice to make gems of course. Both characters have been playing on the timeless isle, and the monk seemed to be a bit stronger. He now has the two Hozen can openers for weapons you can buy with the timeless coins.

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RAF coming to a close

As I mentioned earlier I have been multiboxing in order to level a few duos with the RAF triple XP boost. I got Ferdix and Morphixea to level 85 first. The priest warrior combo worked really well. I am totally planning on getting them to 90, maybe not dual boxing all the way, but definitely dualboxing on the Timeless Isle once at 90, that would be interesting.

The second duo I have levelled to 60. We reached 60 about 10 days ago, and I wasn’t exactly looking forward to doing Outlands yet again. Around that time the news about the 5.4.7 PTR patch came in. Apparently if you boost a lvl 60 or higher to 90 you get 600 on your two main professions ! So I left Rainhoof and Turawk on 60, hoping to boost them either through the WOTD preorder or the ingame shop. The Monk / Shaman duo worked pretty nice as well, though the monk tank didn’t have the dps (yet) that Morphixea (warrior) had. No shield slam I guess.

Looking over Silithus
Looking over Silithus
Silithius 2
Done with the Un’Goro Crater, our Taunty Taurens are making their way to Silithus.

The past weekend I levelled Zendrella finally to 90. She was pretty much my main character in Cataclysm, doing the fireland dailies etc., was a bit forgotten, but now she’s back with a vengeance ;). Furthermore I am levelling inscription with Ferdix, spending an hour picking flowers here and there.

Zennadar – Legendary Cloak

Last week I finally managed to complete Celestial Blessings. I had been sitting on that one since November last year. It was quite frustrating to complete the ranged DPS challenge. I tried quite a lot of times and came very close a few times, but finally gave up. Now that I had a few more pieces of gear from ‘Downfall’, I decided to try again and did it in one go ! After visiting the other celestials in Pandaria, I received my iLvl 600 cloak !

Now in order to make it a legendary cloak, you have to defeat all four celestials on the Timeless Isle. I figured that wasn’t going to happen soon, so I bought a gem and got an enchantment from my alt and went on my merry way. Last Wednesday however, I decided to check anyway whether some group would be doing the celestials and lo and behold, there was one. We managed to do three of the four ! Only Xuen the white tiger left to do. The alliance tagged him first however so we didn’t get that kill and it was getting late so I figured I’d get a shot at that sooner or later. As a nice bonus, I got my fourth tier set piece, so I get the tier set bonus :).

Zennadar completes his trials and receives his cloak

Last friday, when I logged on to Morpheus to do my daily leathercrafting thing, I noticed a group was just about to take on Xuen. I quickly logged out and logged Zen in, and managed to get a few sets in, in order to complete the quest and get the legendary. Hooray ! After I got that and went back to the Isle, there was a group forming for Ordos, who you can only reach when you got the cloak, so that was a nice bonus. All in all quite a bit of luck and a nice turn of events. Never thought I’d be able to get the legendary cloak, but after a very long questline, I managed it.

Below is the fun cutscene (of sorts) you get once you get the item in order to turn your cloak into a legendary one.

Giddy Goblins

About October last year, Blizzard updated their Recruit a Friend program. It now gives triple XP all the way up to level 85. Since I really liked the Emerald Hippogryph mount, I figured I’d give it a go. Also had a few alts I never bothered to level up, so I started researching dual boxing in Wow. It is a very common thing in Eve. But there, the game play is somewhat slower (especially for PVE), so you really don’t need any fancy software to make it work.

In wow you could just let the other guy /follow you, but it would be nice if (s)he’d make a contribution as well. I figured it’s be fun to play a priest / warrior combo. Morphixea already was on my roster as a lvl 6, Ferdix was created on the new account. And I am using Hotkeynet to send keys to the other client. The program doesn’t seem to be updated any more. But it still works fine. You have to read up a little and edit a script, but that’s about it. I am not doing any fancy stuff. You can do mouse region clicks, picture in picture etc., but I am just using it to send keys.

Basically what I do, is use SHIFT + number keys for healing, CTRL + number keys for attacking Morphixea’s target, and ALT + number keys for some miscellaneous stuff. And ‘`’ for mounting, which is quite fun to see, they both jump on their mount and ride off :).

As we speak they are level 73, ready to go into Grizzly Hills. It’s been a ton of fun, really changes the way you play the game. And very fast progression, as you can do old group quests with ease that give a ton of XP. Even saw some in Silvermoon that I had never done before.

You can see some screenshots of the Dynamic Duo in the gallery. I have grown quite fond of them, haha.

There is more info on multiboxing at

My simple hotkeynet script is over here.