Thoughts on Legion

From the lack of updates here one could conclude that I might have lost interest in WoW, but that is definitely not the case ! Ever since Legion came out I have been doing my daily World Quests with Morpheus the (balance) druid. Only just the last few weeks or so I have been switching to Zendrella, my warlock a little bit and skipped a day here and there. Mainly because I have completed the balance artifact power tree as you can see below.
 Complete artifact weapon
With a 865 rating, and 2 legendaies I kinda feel like I have won the game ;). Seriously though, you can quite far by just doing the world quests and the weekly ‘open world’ mods. The LFR loot is only about 835 level, so dont expect to get any decent gear through that avenue. Though a new raid ‘Nighthold’ opened up it’s first wing for LFR with high level rewards.
But enough about gear, how is the game ? The Broken Isles are quite fun ! The leveling is pretty good with each zone having an overall (independent) story arc. The mobs and quests are always your level or one below you, the Broken Isles scales !
Once at 110 a new game starts though. Originally you had to be friendly with all factions on the Isle to start, but to my surprise once Zendrella hit 110 she could start world quests and was giving the extremely handy ‘flight master’s whistle‘  to get started. 
With patch 7.1.5 the Artifact Knowledge Compendium was introduced as a catchup mechanic for alts ! 

     – Lots to do
     – World quests more fun than dailies
     – No need to search for a weapon
     – Scaling mobs
     – Over 30 pet battle worldquests
     – Class hall quest line
     – LFR fun again 
     – World quests / AP grinding can get boring / repetitve
     – Dungeons needed for class hall story, unlocking the 3rd artifact
     – Stuff is hard to find ! Cliffs, hills, caves, and paths hard to see on the map. Sometimes running about for minutes to find stuff
     – Harder to level alts with AP grind, easier since patch 7.1.5.
    – Wowhead needed for some world quests, it’s not always obvious what the goal is in some world quests
Let me expand a little on the Dungeons needed point. When I leveled with Morpheus I had to do 4 dungeons for the Druid class hall quest line. This wasnt very hard, I did them as a healer and had almost instant queues. But with Zendrella, the queue can be over 30mins on a saturday even. Since I ran those on normal. Only had to do 2 final ones, once at 110 to finish the quest line, but it’s annoying when you’re not a big guild that can easily run a needed dungeon with you.
Anyway that’s it for now, much more to say about this, but that’s the main points for now !

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