The Mag’har

Yesterday Nazgrel send Morphea on a quest to look for an assassin. Unfortunetely for the assassin, I found his corps in mountain, west of Thrallmar. After delivering the axe that killed him to Nazgrel, he send me to a Far Seer in Thrallmar. She gave a spirit wolf to aid the reconnaisance mission near the assassin’s body. And then a spirit wolf appeared and led me to a hidden village of the people of Mag’har. They’re brown colored orcs, family of Thrall.

Meeting Thrall

Their leader then asked me to deliver a letter to Nazgrel, who send me to Thrall himself ! Always exciting to visit him, he seemed quite upset / surprised about the message the Mag’har were still alive ! He then send me back to them, to aid his people.

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