Four Year Anniversary

Wow, I can’t believe that a few weeks ago, it was Wow’s 4th anniversary ! I remember my first steps as a young tauren in the world of Azeroth :). And my first scary trip to crossroads ! I had a great time those first few months in wow, everything was new and exciting ;).

Also thanks to Edge, Vixx and Banish, whereever you guys are at the moment, with whom I had a great time and all those from Starblade back then.

At the moment, I am just doing a few dailies every now and then and an (heroic) instance. Haven’t played that much lately, the ‘newness’ of WOTLK is starting to wear off… I still have a lock and a deathknight to level, but to go through either outlands or northrend again at this moment, isn’t very appealing. I will wait a while ’till it isn’t so fresh anymore !

Banish and Morph

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Getting new rides at 40 !

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