Arena Night

Usually we have an Arena Night once a week. My balance druid Morpheus plays with a hunter and a mage. I started out with the hunter Ruryk as a duo at the start of Season 3. He was still in quest blue and greens and I had a few S1 pieces and some blues. And it was quite an experience ! Totally different from the pvp we were used to and needless to say we went 1-9 in the first week and seriously doubted we should continue. Luckily we found a friendly mage who wanted to join us (and our guild) and started 3×3 saving the 2×2 for practise.

We formed a 5×5 team last week, when a hunter and a warrior joined our guild. Unfortunately that left us with no healer, which is a disaster in 5×5. Ruryk’s priest alt in Kara gear then joined us, which made it a little more bearable, but we still went 2-8. This week however there wasn’t a moment all 5 were online, so we did two nights of 3×3 with mixed results. We had a very nice winning streak and finally got above 1400 rating, then lost a bunch in a row and we’re back to 1376.

At this rate we gather about 280 pts a week, and the nice gear is about 1800 pts. Some stuff is cheaper, like the gloves (and the hunter’s axe ;)), but still it takes about 6 – 8 weeks for a not so great arena team to get an Arena epic. Not that I am complaining though, but the term wellfare epic is, in my opinion a bit misplaced ;).


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