Through the dark portal

Morphea is a pretty old hunter orc character, probably created around april, 2005. Only seriously started playing her this year, especially since Patch 2.3, when Blizzard made leveling alts a lot easier. Have been having a lot of fun with here. And this week, the moment has finally arrived, she reached lvl 58.

Dark Portal

Unlike so many other alts, I hadn’t set her moonstone to Shattrah City yet, so I had to make a long run from Stranglethorn to The Blasted Land to reach the Dark Portal. The main reason to go there already at 58 was to get some nice quest items from the initial chain Through The Dark Portal that you can get from an Orc standing in the little camp in front of the portal. The questchain isn’t very hard (as a hunter) but you get a lot of annoying adds sometimes if you’re not careful enough, so I died a few times, but it wasnt that bad. It landed me some nice new gear: Rage Reaver, Falyer-Hide Leggings, but replaced those right away with the BattleScarred Leggings you get from the next mission in the chain and Skull Cap. You can replace that last item pretty soon after doing some quests in HP with a mail variant that has the same stats.

After doing all that plus the bombing run missions (those are fun), I was well on my way to 59. Decided to finish up some quests in Western Plaguelands and Winterspring to get to 59. 59 to 60 was done in Silithius, there are some easy quests there and it didnt take too much time. Then I cleared my quest log and am now questing around Thrallmar !

I have been doing some pvp around the *9 levels and accumulated almost 10k honor, so I am doing some extra battlegrounds to get to 12k and 20 ab tokens to get either the Street Sweeper or the High Warlord’s Crossbow. The other epic pvp bow is out of the question as it’s too fast, and I am marksman specced. Probably go for the bow as guns get on my nerves after playing a while. Either of the two weapons will work nicely for quite a few levels to come.

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