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All these videos are in NTSC format !

Music videos featuring Dylan

Eric Clapton & Friends: In Concert: A Benefit For The Crossroads Centre.
Also available on DVD
Bob plays a few songs with Eric Clapton, on his fund raising show in MSG, NY. Very nice stuff ! And I am not only talking about the Bob part.
Don't look back. Excellent documentary of Dylan touring in '65. What is so great about it ? Well, it's like the camera isn't there. Dylan is very funny and sometimes very obnoxious too, the way he treats people from time to time. Every Dylan should have this one !

Now also released on DVD with some extra tracks , commentary by Pennebaker and Neuwirth and the theatrical trailers.
Dylan at MTV's Unplugged Dylan's great performance at MTV Unplugged from '94. Performing classics like Knockin' on Heaven's Door, Like A Rolling Stone and Watchtower wearing a wonderful black shirt with white dots on it.
The Last Waltz This video covers the farewell concert of the Band, performers (amongst others) are Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and ofcourse Bob Dylan ! Unfortunetely it's no longer available at amazon, but you can try your luck on There are usually few copies on auction.
30 Year Celebration In 1992 it was 30 years ago that Dylan released his 1st album. It was celebrated in New York's Madison Square Garden, featuring (amongst other) Pearl Jam, Tom Petty, Neil Young and ofcourse Bob himself.
Bangladesh The legendary concert for Bangladesh from '71 organized by George Harrison.

Movie Videos featuring Dylan

Hearts of Fire The only reason to buy and sit thru this movie is to see Bob. He is really funny from time to time, although it might not be intended that way.
Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid Dylan plays a small part as Alias in this interesting movie.

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