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The Official Dylan site. Most interesting are the 'previously unreleased' live tracks that can be found here. Official Concert info is available here also.

Bob Dylan Tour Dates
This site by Bill Pagel offers a large list of Dylan sites around the web. He also has the most up-to-date concert information and a large catalogue of setlists.

Expecting Rain
One of the best allround Dylan websites on the web. Also the home of Deep Beneath The Waves, a newsletter on Bob Dylan unofficial releases.

Allen Fraser's Official Rarities Page
This excellent site offers an insight on where to find extra (live) tracks and other special stuff on Official Releases.

Subscribe Bob Dylan E-Group
The Bob Dylan mailing list with over 250 members. Don't sign up unless you're a 300% fan ! Now hosted by

The Freewheelin' Journal
Homepage of one of the best Dylan magazines around

Rolling Thunder Band
Check out this UK Dylan cover band, they have their own website, Dylan related links, and Dylan trivia games.

Another fine UK Dylan mag.

Larry Campbell Website
Joy Munsey's site on Dylan's current guitarist since '97. Everything you always wanted to know about Larry but never dared to ask.

Bob Boots
It's not a house, it's a home page
Interested in Unofficial Bob Dylan releases ? Then check out these sites.

The Bob Dylan CDR Trading Guide
You want to start collecting Dylan cdr's and have no clue where to start ? Then this is the page to check out. Also veterans can pick up a thing or two ;-).

The Olof Files
Looking for setlists and or other Dylan concert information ? Then look no further cuz Olof's got it all (well, almost anyway).

Dylan Chords and Lyrics
This site offers just chords & lyrics for almost every Dylan songs. Even the somewhat obsure ones, like George Jackson, Band of the Hand etc. Ofcourse if you're just looking for blowin' in the wind and Watchtower, that can be found too.

Conclusions On the wall
An extensive bibliography of books on Bob can be found at this Edlis site.

Bringing it all back home page
One of the oldest sites around the web. Check out this informative site.

Bob Dylan Coveralbums
A visual discography of Albums and E.P.s with the songs and music of Bob Dylan performed by other artists. A companion site is Dylan Title Tracks: a discography of albums, eps, and picture-sleeves that feature a Dylan song as their Title-Track

Bob Dylan Quotes
Very interesting websites that has all sorts of Dylan quotes neatly sorted by date. Especially nice if you're looking for that one line for your sig. file.

Breadcrumb Sins
Excellent Italian Dylan site.

Resources for tapers
In case you're interested in tape/cdr trading, this is the site to check out for more information.

The Philzone
Essential site for phans of former Dead-bassplayer Phil Lesh. Keep an eye on the concert information for Dylan related news.

Love and Theft

Love and Theft Love and Theft is the name of the new Dylan album. It was recorded with the current touring band plus. I wrote a review that you can find on the cd page. It has turned out to be a very diverse masterpiece. You can order the album from

New cd's

The new Hank Williams tribute 'Timeless' has one new Dylan song (well it's a cover of a HW song). There is also a tribute to Sun Records coming up. It's called Good Rocking Tonight and it has one Dylan song: Red Cadillac and a Black Moustache. Other artists are Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow and others. You can preorder it from

Another great tribute is Poet: A tribute to Townes Van Zandt. Unfortunetely no Dylan contribution here, but it does have Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, Emmylou Harris and Nanci Griffith.

The new Ally McBeal 'soundtrack' cd by Vonda Shepard has a wonderful cover of Dylan's don't think twice. The cd is called For Once in My Life Featuring Vonda Shepard.

Another soundtrack for a tv show, The Sopranos, has a new Dylan song !!! It's called Return To Me. From the Columbia press release: Bob Dylan is on hand with an accordion-tinged candlelit version of Dean Martin's 1962 hit "Return To Me" recorded especially for the series. The cd is titled The Sopranos - Peppers and Eggs: Music from the HBO Series and also features songs by Elvis Costello, Sting, Keith Richards and others.

Down The Highway

The life of Bob Dylan. This is the title of a new Dylan biography. This time is not written by a well known Dylanologist, but by Howard Sounes, a journalist who also wrote a book on the serial killer couple Fred and Rose West. Apparently there isnt much in the book we haven't read already, except maybe Dylan's second wedding and second divorce. You can get it from amazon .com, amaz

Live 1961 - 2000

There is a new live album released in Japan. . It's a very nice collection of tracks taken from 1961 'till 2000. The tracklisting can be found on the cd page. The album is available as an import cd from and amaz

A song that doesn't pussy foot around !!!

Bob Dylan received an Academy Award for the song he wrote for the movie 'Wonderboys'. Here are the Lyrics to the song. You can read more about this at Yahoo .

CD Review

CD Review is a new section of this website or maybe an extension. It has reviews of cd's that have nothing (directly) to do with Dylan. Some cd's might be interesting for Dylan fans too though ;-).

New Books

Q Magazine has a Dylan special out. You can find it at any good magazine store, though in case you can't you can go here.
Clinton Heylin has updated his Dylan biography lately. From what I read so far about it, it seems that he mostly added filth and gossip about Dylan. Only recommended if you haven't gotten the original yet. You can get it from, or or th e original in paperback form.

Band Rereleases

The first four albums of the band are remastered and rereleased this summer. There will also be extra tracks on these discs. Ofcourse there is a lot of Dylan related stuff on there, especially on the 1st album Music From The Big Pink. Take a look Cd Page for more info. They will also be available from amaz

CD Releases

This 5cd set has been released shortly: The best of broadside '62 - '98. The Best of Broadside features 89 songs from the Folkways collection, tapes from the Broadside magazine office, and some tracks released on other labels. The set contains a variety of performers, topics, and musical styles that tell tales spanning the 25 years of the Broadside era (1962-1988). It has 2 Bob songs, the ballad of Donald White and John Brown, but also many songs performed by others that Bob did too, early on in his career. All in all a must have for the serious Bob fan ;-). Available from and at amaz for a very nice price. There is also a review on the cd page now.

There is a new Dylan release in the USA, it's another Best of collection named The Essential Bob Dylan. There is a tracklist on the cd page. It's nothing special though, only interesting for the new Bob fan or for completists.

Bob Dylan on tour

In October and November Bob will play larger venues again. Probably playing some of the Love and Theft songs As always check Bill Pagel's Bob Dylan Tour Dates for setlists.

Freewheelin' Journal

A new issue of this dylan magazine (vol. 19) was released. It contains great articles and some wonderful cartoons, check it out at .

CD Review

A Nod To Bob

A Nod To BobThis is a tribute cd by various artists especially released for Dylan's 60th birthday. And a nice cd it is ! You can get it from

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